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On the following page, you can register yourself for the 4th Workshop on Reversible Computation. The RC workshop will take place on July 2nd and 3rd, 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It will bring together researchers from computer science, mathematics, engineering, and physics to discuss new developments and directions for future research in the emerging area of Reversible Computation.

The registration fee amounts to DKK 1500,- (approx. 200 EUR). This includes food and refreshments (i.e. lunch for Monday and Tuesday, dinner for Monday, coffee breaks, etc.), one ticket for the social event (i.e. the evening banquet on Monday July 2nd), as well as (informal) proceedings. Please note that accommodation is not included in the registration fee. Some appropriate accommodation facilities are suggested on this page.

Please register by June 15. For late registration please contact the local organizers at info@reversible-computation.org.

University of Copenhagen | info@reversible-computation.org | e