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July 7th, 2015
8.30-8.50 Registration
8.50-9.00 Opening
9.00-10.00 Invited #1 Samson Abramsky (and Dominic Horsman)
(Chair: Ivan Lanese)
  DEMONIC programming: a computational language for single-particle equilibrium thermodynamics, and its formal semantics
10.00-10.30 Coffee Break
10.30-12.30 Session 1 - Process Calculi
(Chair: Samson Abramsky)
Rigid Families for the Reversible pi-calculus
Ioana Cristescu, Jean Krivine and Daniele Varacca

A calculus for local reversibility
Stefan Kuhn and Irek Ulidowski

Static VS Dynamic Reversibility in CCS
Doriana Medic and Claudio Antares Mezzina

Reversing Single Sessions
Francesco Tiezzi and Nobuko Yoshida

12.30-14.00 Lunch Break
14.00-15.40 Session 2 - Programming Languages
(Chair: Iain Phillips)
Energy Efficient Language and Compiler for (Partially) Reversible Algorithms
Nirvan Tyagi, Jayson Lynch and Erik D. Demaine

Mixing Hardware and Software Reversibility for Speculative Parallel Discrete Event Simulation
Davide Cingolani, Mauro Ianni, Alessandro Pellegrini and Francesco Quaglia

(Short) Elements of a Reversible Object-Oriented Language
Ulrik Schultz and Holger Bock Axelsen

(Short) Initial Ideas for Automatic Design and Verification of Control Logic in Reversible HDLs
Robert Wille, Oliver Kesz÷cze, Lars Othmer, Michael Kirkedal Thomsen and Rolf Drechsler
15.40-16.10 Coffee Break
16.10-17.40 Session 3 - Reversible Models
(Chair: Irek Ulidowski)
Reversible causal graph dynamics
Pablo Arrighi, Simon Martiel and Simon Perdrix

Boosting Reversible Pushdown Machines By Preprocessing
Holger Bock Axelsen, Martin Kutrib, Andreas Malcher and Matthias Wendlandt

Reversible Computation vs. Reversibility in Petri Nets Kamila Barylska, Maciej Koutny, Lukasz Mikulski and Marcin Piatkowski
18.15 Social Event
(more information on this page)
Friday July 8th, 2015
9.00-10.00 Invited #2 Adam Whiteside (and Austin Fowler)
(Chair: Ivan Lanese)
  Classical Problems to Make Quantum Computing a Reality
10.00-10.30 Coffee Break
10.30-12.30 Session 4 - Quantum Computing
(Chair: Peter Selinger)
Using piDDs for Nearest Neighbor Optimization of Quantum Circuits
Robert Wille, Nils Quetschlich, Yuma Inoue, Norihito Yasuda and Shin-Ichi Minato

Circular CNOT Circuits: Definition, Analysis and Application to Fault-Tolerant Quantum Circuits
Alexandru Paler

(Short) Design and Fabrication of CSWAP Gate Based on Nano-electromechanical Systems
Mert Yuksel, Selcuk Oguz Erbil, Atakan Bekir Ari and Mehmet Selim Hanay

(Short) Design of p-valued Deutsch quantum gates with multiple control signals and mixed polarity
Claudio Moraga

(Short) Towards Quantum Programs Verification: From Quipper Circuits to QPMC
Linda Anticoli, Carla Piazza, Leonardo Taglialegne and Paolo Zuliani
12.30-14.00 Lunch Break
14.00-16.00 Session 5 - Circuit Theory
(Chair: Alexis De Vos)
Checking Reversibility of Boolean Functions
Robert Wille, Aaron Lye and Philipp Niemann

Strongly Universal Reversible Gate Sets
Tim Boykett, Jarkko Kari and Ville Salo

Enumeration of reversible functions and its application to circuit complexity
Mathias Soeken, Nabila Abdessaied and Giovanni De Micheli

A finite alternation result for reversible boolean circuits
Peter Selinger

16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-18.00 Session 6 - Synthesis
(Chair: Alexandru Paler)
Generating reversible circuits from higher-order functional programs
Benoţt Valiron

A fast symbolic transformation based algorithm for reversible logic synthesis
Mathias Soeken, Gerhard Dueck and Michael Miller

Application of Permutation Group Theory in Reversible Logic Synthesis
Dmitry Zakablukov
18.00-18.30 Closing session