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RC 2017 will be held in Kolkata, India in "The Pride Plaza Hotel". For the exact location of the venue, see this Google map link.

The conference venue is very conveniently located, at a distance of about 12 Km from the airport, and will take less than 30 minutes to reach there from the airport. The conference organizers will provide airport pickup and drop service for the delegates on request.

Kolkata is also called "The City of Joy", where we find a happy amalgamation of different cultures, styles and moods, coupled along with numerous forms of industries and commerce and politics. Kolkata mainly gained importance in the times of British rule as it had been the capital of India till the year 1912. At present, although it is no more the capital of India, it is the capital of West Bengal and is one of the most important places of cultural workshop and academic excellence.

While Kolkata was one of the best examples of British rule in the past, at present it is a kaleidoscope of contrasting ideas, life and culture, which would be found nowhere else in the world. Kolkata is the best example of both the old and new, the orient and the occident, where lives both the poor and the rich. Kolkata mirrors warmth, culture, creativity, intellectualism and artistic development considering that Kolkata is the home to four best Nobel laureates - Rabindranath Tagore, Ronald Ross, Mother Teresa and Amartya Sen.