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July 2nd, 2010
from 9.00 Registration
9.45-10.00 Opening Session
10.00-11.30 Reversible Software & Simulation
Chair: Irek Ulidowski

A Compiler for Garbage-Free Translation of Reversible Languages
Holger Bock Axelsen (University of Copenhagen)

New program constructs and semantics for reversible computation
Bill Stoddart (Teesside University), Campbell Ritchie (Teesside University)

Optimization of Input-Erasing Clean Reversible Simulation for Injective Functions
Tetsuo Yokoyama (Nanzan University), Holger Bock Axelsen (University of Copenhagen), Robert Glück (University of Copenhagen)

12.00-12.50 Reversible Circuit Elements
Chair: Holger Bock Axelsen

Non-degenerate 2-State Reversible Logic Elements with Three or More Symbols Are All Universal
Kenichi Morita (Hiroshima University), Tsuyoshi Ogiro (Hiroshima University), Artiom Alhazov (Hiroshima University), Tsuyoshi Tanizawa (Hiroshima University)

Work-in-Progress: RIMEP for Designing Reversible Adders and Multipliers
Fatima Z. Hadjam (University of Djillali Liabes), Claudio Moraga (European Centre for Soft Computing, Dortmund University of Technology)

12.50-14.30 Lunch
14.30-15.50 Synthesis of Reversible Circuits
Chair: D. Michael Miller

An approach to reversible circuits synthesis based on switching networks
Marek Szyprowski (Warsaw University of Technology)

Near-Optimal Ordering of ESOP Cubes for Toffoli Networks
Zakaria Hamza (University of New Brunswick), Gerhard W. Dueck (University of New Brunswick)

Work-in-Progress: Hierarchical Synthesis of Reversible Circuits Using Positive and Negative Davio Decomposition
Mathias Soeken (University of Bremen), Robert Wille (University of Bremen), Rolf Drechsler (University of Bremen)

16.10-17.00 Tools & Benchmarks for Reversible Circuit Design
Chair: Alexis De Vos

Properties of Hard Reversible Boolean Functions
Pawel Kerntopf (Warsaw University of Technology), Marek Szyprowski (Warsaw University of Technology)

Tool presentation: RevKit: A Toolkit for Reversible Circuit Design
Mathias Soeken (University of Bremen), Stefan Frehse (University of Bremen), Robert Wille (University of Bremen), Rolf Drechsler (University of Bremen)

18.00 Social Event (further information at this page)
Saturday July 3rd, 2010
10.00-11.00 Reversible and Quantum Circuit Decomposition
Chair: Daniel Große

Reversible computation, quantum computation, and computer architectures in between
Alexis De Vos (Universiteit Gent), Michiel Boes (Universiteit Gent), Stijn De Baerdemacker (Universiteit Gent)

Mapping a Multiple-control Toffoli Gate Cascade to an Elementary Quantum Gate Circuit
Zahra Sasanian (University of Victoria), D. Michael Miller (University of Victoria)

11.30-12.20 Quantum Circuit Synthesis
Chair: Gerhard W. Dueck

Synthesis of Semi-Classical Quantum Circuits
Shigeru Yamashita (Ritsumeikan University), Shin-ichi Minato (Hokkaido University), D. Michael Miller (University of Victoria)

Work-in-Progress: GPU Library Based Approach to Quantum Logic Synthesis
Marek Perkowski (Portland State University), Martin Lukac (Tohoku University), Pawel Kerntopf (Warsaw University of Technology), Michitaka Kameyama (Tohoku University)

12.20-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.50 Physical Realizations of Reversible Circuits
Chair: Alberto García-Ortiz

Reversible implementation of a discrete integer linear transformation
Alexis De Vos (Universiteit Gent), Stephane Burignat (Universiteit Gent), Michael Kirkedal Thomsen (University of Copenhagen)

Work-in-Progress: An Empirical Study on Area, Power and Delay of a Class of Reversible Circuits in CMOS
Dilip Vasudevan (University College Cork), Emanuel Popovici (University College Cork), Michel Schellekens (University College Cork)

15.30-16.20 Test of Reversible Circuits
Chair: Robert Wille

Detection of Multiple Missing-Gate Faults in Reversible Circuits
Dipak K. Kole (Bengal Engineering & Science University), Hafizur Rahaman (Bengal Engineering & Science University), Debesh K. Das (Jadavpur University), Bhargab B. Bhattacharya (Indian Statistical Institute)

Work-in-Progress: Gate Oxide Shorts Analysis and Modeling in CMOS Based Reversible Circuits
Alexandru Amaricai (University Politehnica of Timisoara), Oana Boncalo (University Politehnica of Timisoara)


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